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Be on budget and time with your projects

System forBudget & progress control system based on

Get a helicopter view

See the big picture of the project in real time

Budget Control

Keep track of your budget and issue progress

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed and comprehensive reports quickly.

With Budget Hero you’ll know exactly which projects are on track, which ones are falling behind, and what every team member is working on at a glance.

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Control Your Project Budget

  • At the entire project level
  • At the level of individual functional groups (epics) the entire project level
  • Broken down into technologies:Frontend / Backend / Mobile
″Budget Hero has given us the visibility we needed and as a CTO I finally know how much we have spent on each project.″
Wojciech Krysiak, CTO of Software Brothers
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Visual Progress Tracking

  • See number of completed tasks
  • See the amount of spent & remaining time.
″With Budget Hero you can easily increase your project efficiency by 34%.″
Luke Szramko, COO of Software Brothers
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Ready to take your project to the next level and increase your project efficiency by 34%?

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Verify when particular functionalities will be delivered

  • See when a specific release will be completed
  • Prediction of the remaining time for the entire project
″With prediction tool you can improve communication with clients in difficult moments.″
Kris Marszałek, CEO of Software Brothers
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Create accurate reports for meetings with the team and with clients

Sprint Reports
Budget Reports
Overall Reports
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BQF! Backlog Quality Factor

Verification of the project quality.

BQF shows whether your internal project management standards are followed

Budget Hero - Remote Work

Budget Hero vs Coronavirus

The times we live in got pretty harsh.

During COVID-19 pandemic we all work remotely and now keeping track of everything is extremely difficult!

With Budget Hero you can work 100% remotely and still be fully up to date with the status of your project. You can also quickly identify potential problems and take the right decision before it is too late.

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Start controlling your projects together with Budget Hero

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Budget Hero is the result of our knowledge acquired in the project management area by working on over 100 projects for the most demanding clients from 17 different countries.

Check it out and... tell us what you think!

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